Creating a New Facility

This section will cover the basics of how to create a new facility within the LIM System (or, ‘LIMS’). Please note that any visuals attached, like screenshots and GIFs, are from a SuperAdmin viewpoint within a demonstration and testing environment, so if your screen doesn’t look exactly the same, that’s a good thing. Nonetheless, all of the relevant pages and buttons should still be available to you, so long as you have permissions required to create a new facility in the first place.

From the Dashboard, first find the Menu dropdown labeled ‘Facility,’ then, click ‘Manage Facility’ as seen below:


You probably noticed two things:
  1. 1) In the Menu tab, there’s also a ‘Create Facility’ button, and
  2. 2) the green ‘Create Account’ button within the Manage Facility page.
Both 1 and 2 have the exact same function, but the reason we are instead clicking ‘Manage Facility’ is because anytime we create a new facility, you should first do a search of current facilities to ensure that the facility has not already been inputted by someone else.
The search box on the righthand side, just above the table of facilities in the system, is how you will double check.
Once sure the facility does not already exist, you may now proceed to click the green ‘Create Account’ button within the Manage Facility page. You will then be directed to a digital form which corresponds with the New Facility Form you are referencing, as seen below:
Simply proceed through the form copying the information provided by the new facility’s representative on the reference New Facility Form.
NOTE: If you are unsure of whether or not the facility is supposed to be ‘Activated’ yet (using the checkbox labeled ‘Activate’ at the very top) then you can leave that unchecked for now. Later, you will simply ‘Edit’ the facility to check the ‘Activate’ box when ready.
When you come to the end of the form, you’ll see this blue box:
Click the blue ‘File Upload’ button to upload a saved PDF copy of the reference New Facility Form completed by the organization. You can still save without doing this, but the facility creation process will not be complete until you have uploaded this form to accompany the Portal Account for the facility.
Finally, be sure to click the blue ‘Save’ button to finish the job.