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Advancements in diagnostic tools have continued to improve patient outcomes. Navigating the ever-changing laboratory landscape can be daunting. Lab Services organically developed from an opportunity to assist practices in moving towards a new age of diagnostic capabilities in the detection and treatment of pathogens. Concierge care stands apart from other services because of the personal detail and customization of care provided by a dedicated team. Lab Services strives to create a unique concierge experience in PCR Diagnostics, Physician-Owned Lab Programs, and Pandemic Response Testing.

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Precision Diagnostics using Polymerase Chain Reaction technology to identify specific viral, bacterial, fungal, and resistance targets.


Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria is a global concern that impacts us all. Identifying these threats and reducing unnecessary prescriptions is how we help combat them.


In-office benchtop laboratory options offer a unique opportunity for providers to take control of their diagnostic capabilities.


Partners with many reliable laboratory sources Lab Services is providing COVID-19 testing in Southern Florida

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Lab Services has curated a variety of programs to give your practice the best tools available to treat and protect patients. Your custom consultation will allow your team to explore what parts of our services are the right fit. Remove the headache of sourcing multiple lab solutions and work hand in hand with your new diagnostic partners.


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Michael has over a decade of laboratory experience. Ever evolving with an industry in constant growth, he has collected a wealth of knowledge. Personally seeing the benefits of improved diagnostics for his clients, as well as his grandmother, who was critically ill as a result of a complicated UTI, the advantages of PCR changed the direction of his business. Michael saw an opportunity to create a new model for laboratory services: facilitate new diagnostic options for practices and offer a customized client relationship. Creating successful sales groups along the way, Michael prides himself in mentoring the team members, seeking opportunities to grow and learn from everyone he meets. These relationships allow Lab Services to have several laboratory partners among many different diagnostic fields.


Mari is a beneficiary of this mentoring and quickly developed a knack for disrupting laboratory services’ conventional expectations. Attention to detail and hands-on customer service has earned Mari the trust and respect of her clients. While coordinating an Intensive Care Unit for VITAS Hospice, Mari witnessed countless patients succumb not to their Hospice diagnosis’, but complicated infections that went undiagnosed. When Mike shared the use of PCR testing for UTI infections, Mari was motivated to improve the quality of life for patients with treatable and detectable infections. Dedicated to creating a meaningful impact, Mari spends time learning about new benefits to diagnostics available and connecting her providers to the latest information to improve their laboratory experience.

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